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Direct Reservations

Direct Booking engines are essential for every size and type of accommodation. Booking engines with localized languages and currencies for your biggest markets help you better convert visitors to guests. Turn “just looking around” into “I got myself a holiday booked”.

Sometimes a hotel wants to add an additional booking engine for a specific agent, company, wedding party etc. A wedding venue can offer the specific weekend for that party's guests, making sure nobody books the wrong dates or crashes the party.

We use the banking industry standard SSL encryption so that all of your client's and your information is protected.

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How Does It Work?

Step 1

Step 1 - Choose Dates

The guest searches for dates using our visual calendar, once dates are chosen he can see a list of available rooms and prices.

Secured Booking Engine

Step 2 - Choose special offer or rateplan

Once the guest has chosen his room he can choose a special offer or rate plan.

Fully Responsive

Step 3 - Customisable checkout

Once the guest has selected the room they just need to enter their personal details and book, you can request payment depending on your rate policy via 3D Secure.

Multiple Languages

Step 4

The guest and the property will get email confirmation and any payments will be processed and delivered to your bank account within a few days!

We get results

Mobile friendly and powerful

Don’t lose bookings because your booking engine is not optimised for mobile, we built our booking engine to be simple to use on all platforms and screens which increases conversions and sales.

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